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MCRS® does not accept responsibility for any damage that has been caused by the handling of the magnetic systems. With the purchase of these MCRS® products, you confirm that you have read and understood the following warnings:

Magnetism - danger for appliances:

MCRS® magnets are much stronger than "ordinary" magnets. Keep a safe distance between the MCRS® magnets and all appliances and objects that can be damaged by magnetism. This includes, amongst other things, television and computer monitors, credit cards, diskettes and other data devices, video tapes, mechanical clocks, hearing aids and loud speakers. Pacemakers can be disturbed by large magnets - in case of doubt, exercise caution.


Avoid the MCRS® magnets to pull to each other from a large distance, they can break. When you need to put them together, keep them tight in your both hands and let them come together gently.

Effects on people:

Whether permanent magnets have an influence on the human organism is debatable. Therapists who use the magnets for medicinal purposes will naturally answer in the affirmative. Scientific studies have shown that the power of permanent magnets is too weak to be able to cause a measurable effect on humans. However this is not a final conclusion and it`s totally possible that this subject will be evaluated differently in the future due to new methods of measurement. The discussion of whether its influence on humans is beneficial or damaging is another story. If you`d like to play it safe, then avoid long-term contact.


Do not use the `MCRS® ball with rope` without the rope ! When the rope is not there anymore, the magnet inside might go out. However, the available `MCRS® ball without rope` is designed for the use without rope and is 100% safe.

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