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Obedience in the dogsport nowadays is all about `focus` and `control` over the dog, anytime, anywhere... Nothing is more spectacular to see a dog looking up to his handler like being `hypnotised` by him, `Lippizaner-style`...

The MCRS® Products are the best and most easy way to reach this ultimate focus. The MCRS® System is a patented magnetic kit, who includes a magnetic ball or biteroll and 1- or more mother-magnets. These mother-magnets are unvisible put inside the special MCRS® Vest, this on the strategical places (on your chest, under your chin, under your arm, on your back, etc.). Those are the places where we can `stick` the reward ball or biteroll. The rewards are simply presented against the mother-magnet and due the magnetism the toy stays there, no way to fall of by himself. We can learn the dog that by looking at the toy, he will be rewarded with this toy, this after the maximum `focus`. We can do this over and over, the MCRS® Products never stop working.

Also possible is to pull a winterjacket or trial-number-vest OVER the MCRS® Vest, the MCRS® Ball will still stick on the outer jacket. The MCRS® Magnets are powerful enough to be covered by the thickest jackets !

We can also use the MCRS® Products for the `send away` or `revier` by simply using one or more mother magnets and stick them on the revier-blind where we can hang the ball or biteroll. The dog can serve himself when coming at the spot.

There are too much more possibilities to write them all down here, we are sure that you will enjoy your MCRS® Products for ever.

MCRS® `Be your dog`s magnet` !

The MCRS® Team.



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