K9-evolution™ COP Hybrid Harness

€ 89,95

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3 in one !

This specially designed for the Belgian Police Hybrid Harnesses is unique in his kind.

The concept is a cross pollination of our popular COP Harness and a stab-proof vest harness with a descender.

Please note, this is not safe gear such as our Bodo stab-proof vest with padding nor as descender harness !

The Hybrid harness is perfectly usable as all-rounder without more. It is only allowed as descending harness or dog-carry from safe height (max 3m) and has no stab-proof safety as our Bodo Vest with padding. It protects the dog against light bruises and cold or heat.

2-1 leash for descending not included.

Suitable for dogs up to 93cm chest tour (all Malinois and most GSD's)


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